The Prisoner

23 mins 3 secs  |  2021  |  Short Film

​Director & Writer: Jayce Bartok

Starring: Reza Salazar and Giselle Elise

Producers: Tiffany Bartok & Alina Ho

Executive Producers: Aeric Meredith-Goujon and Claudine Meredith-Goujon

Co-Producers: New Century Film

Director of Photography & Editor: Andres Karu

Original Score by Aaron Meicht 

Costumes by Merav Elbaz Belschner

Sound by Federico Clementine

Assistant Editor: Nicole Tucker

Props & Safety: Jaxon Bartok

Support Animal: Bear

A short film based on the play "The Prisoner" conceived by Jayce Bartok & Aeric Meredith-Goujon, performed at the NYC Baha'i Center in October 2019 in celebration of the birth of the Bab. 

Special Thanks to the New York City Baha'i Spiritual Assembly

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