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The Prince of Soho

Pre-Production  |   Fall 2019  |  

Feature Film

A Vinyl Foote Production

in association with

Crosby Street Films &

Matador Content

A surrealistic coming of age caper about Ben and his eccentric twin sister, Ann, who must find a way to pay the back rent or face eviction in the wake of their mom’s death; and with the help of a band of misfits, embark on digging up a valuable piece of street art by a Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Prince of Soho Test Footage
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A short excerpt from Jayce Bartok's Prince of Soho featuring the work of Mickey Roberts, Maayan Laufer, & E.J. Carroll with animation by Justin Teodoro & Jonathan Mann.  Music by Scott Doherty and Will Golden. Director of Photography: Andres Karu and AC: Joe Belschner.



sydney Sweeney as ann

Finlay macmillan as ben

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